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Staten Island (aka Little New York
:: Release date 12.22.09 ::

Vincent D'Onofrio and Ethan Hawke filming on location in Staten Island on 5.6.07
Source: Newscom

Hawke describes Staten Island as "a contemporary Fellini film. It's just an insane, weird movie that I'm very excited about." - Jam Showbiz 11.24.07

"Staten Island" ~ A James DeMonaco film
Production: WhyNot Productions/Europacorp
Tentative release date of March 25, 2009(France) has been changed. - TBA

Staten Island: the fifth district forgotten by New York and meeting place of a collection of characters on the margins. 
Sully - cleaning septic tanks dream of providing a warm home to his companion Mary.
Parmie - tired of his life as a gangster, seeks by all means to enter the record books.
Jasper - grocer deaf and mute, divides his time between his passion for horse racing and the corpses that brings in his back.
Vincent D'Onofrio as "Parmy"
Samuel Cassel as "Jasper" Sabiano Ethan Hawke as "Sully" Halverson
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Staten Island - Ethan Hawke will star in the drama Staten Island, which can be summed up as a day in the life of three New Yorkers who cross paths. The script for the film was written by James DeMonaco, which will also be his directorial debut. This isn't the first collaboration with the actor --
he recently penned Hawke's Assault on Precinct 13 -- one of the films not in NYC. The movie is a collection of intersecting stories between three residents of Staten Island and how they struggle to get ahead. Vincent D'Onofrio will appear as the leader of a mob ring.

 Ethan Hawke is set to topline the indie drama “Staten Island,” with James DeMonaco making his directorial debut. DeMonaco’s script intersects the storylines of three of the borough residents and struggles of getting ahead. DeMonaco adapted the 2005 remake of John Carpenter’s “Assault on Precinct 13,” that stared Hawke. Filming is scheduled to begin late April in New York. - Production Weekly, March 2007 25
"Staten Island" aka "Little New York" is
tentatively scheduled to be released in Europe on 3.25.09. Release date in US: TBA.