:: The Break Up ::
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Gary Grobowski: Vince Vaughn
Brooke Meyers: Jennifer Aniston
Maddie: Joey Lauren Adams
Wendy Meyers: Ann-Margret
Riggleman: Jason Bateman
Marilyn Dean: Judy Davis
Dennis Grobowski: Vincent D'Onofrio
Johnny O: Jon Favreau
Lupus Grobowski: Cole Hauser
Richard Meyers: John Michael Higgins
Christopher: Justin Long

Director: Peyton Reed; Screenwriters: Jeremy Garelick, Jay Lavender; Story by: Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Garelick, Jay Lavender; Producers: Vince Vaughn, Scott Stuber; Executive producers: Peter Billingsley, Stuart Besser; Director of photography: Eric Edwards; Production designer: Andrew Laws; Editors: David Rosenbloom, Dan Lebental; Costume designer: Carol Oditz; Music: Jon Brion.

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~ at Mann's Village Theatre
961 Broxton Ave Westwood Village ~ Los Angeles

:: The best supporting performance is by Vincent D'Onofrio, as Gary's older brother: He does exactly what is required, finds the right notes, and is so convincing we hardly notice he is cleaning his ears with separate handkerchiefs.

~ Roger Ebert ~ June 1, 2006

:: "Vincent D'Onofrio, who plays Gary's brother, has one of the finest scenes of all, a real tour de force, as he wordlesslyexpresses his frustration with Gary by uncricking his neck and, peculiarly, using the corners of a handkerchief to clean the waxout of his ears. The routine is so off-the-wall, you can't help laughing."

~Washington Post
June 2

:: His older brother played by Vincent D'Onofrio is funnier and he looks like Pooh-Bear back from “The Salton Sea” with his nose glued back on and wearing a really bad suit. But the people at central casting did everything they could to surround the male lead with male supporting actors who were even less funny than he was. And less articulate.

Thank goodness they didn’t give D’Onofrio any lines. Three more and he would have stolen the show. Even in that suit.

~ Ron Wilkinson
M&C Movies
June 1, 2006

:: Vincent D'Onofrio breathes life into what could have been a forgettable, cardboard character as one of Gary's brothers, who share the Chicago tour-bus business. Then again, he's good in everything, and with his jerky, nervous delivery, you never know what to expect - but you know you want to watch and find out.

~ Christy Lemire
AP Movie Critic
May 30, 2006

:: "Vincent D'Onofrio as Vaughn's older brother has this one amazing scene of such pure physical awkwardness it's almost worth enduring the whole film to see."

~ Wweek.com, Portland
June 7 , 2006

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