The Narrows -- a drama starring Kevin Zegers, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Sophia Bush.

Serenade Films : slated for release in 2009

Adapted from the novel "Heart of the Old Country" by Tim McLoughlin, The Narrows tells the story of Brooklyn born Mike (Kevin Zegers), who lives with is dad Vinny (Vincent D'Onofrio) a sanitation worker with low level ties to the local mob boss Tony (Titus Welliver).  A talented photographer,  Mike secretly applies to college and takes a job from Tony in order to pay his tuition. Mike is torn between two worlds -- the dangerous and familiar and the strange and promising.  When these worlds threaten to collide, Mike learns the far reaching consequences of personal choices.

Kevin Zegers and Vincent D'Onofrio in a scene from "The Narrows" .
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 EXEC PROD:  Michael Nozik
 PROD:  Leslie Urdang, Ami Armstrong
 DIR:  Francois Velle
 SCR:  Tatiana Blackington.
 Shoot Dates:
STORY: The film is about 21 years old Mike Manadoro struggling to find his place within two worlds; the life he wants, as an aspiring photographer and promising NYU student, and the life his father seems to want for him: making fast money running dangerous, mysterious errands for the neighborhood mobster.2
Feature Film
Serenade Films

Based on the novel, HEART OF THE OLD COUNTRY, by Tim McLoughlin

[MIKE MANADORO] 19 years old, Caucasian, good looking, warm and accessible with a dry sense of humor, Mike's our narrator, an avid, talented photographer, a keen observer of human behavior through the lens of his camera but also a young man in flux, trying to figure out his place within his dual worlds of Brooklyn mobsters and elite NYU students.

[VINNY MANADORO] 48-60, Caucasian, Mike's father, he spent the best years of his life working in sanitation and still feels angry about it. Not your typical "garbage man", he's impeccably clean, dignified, and elegant -- but he's still a tough guy, through and through. Because of an on-the-job accident, he walks with a cane, lives off disability pension and runs horse gambling numbers for Tony, the neighborhood mobster. He is still mourning the loss of his beloved wife and Mike's mother, and at times his pride gets the best of him. He refuses to sign off on the paperwork Mike needs for a student loan, because "Manadoros don't borrow money. Period."

[NICKY SHADES] Seen from the ages of 18 to 24, he was once the coolest kid on the block, athletic and good looking, never seen without his signature aviator sunglasses. A leader of the neighborhood kids, the best football player around, and a genuinely nice, friendly guy. It's no wonder Mike worships him. Five years pass, and the next time we see Nicky, he's a fallen hero. A shoulder injury cost him his college scholarship playing ball, and he's dropped a lot of weight from heroin use. Strung out, bitter, and unpredictably dangerous, Nicky's on a disastrous path of self-destruction.

[KATHY POPOVICH] 18, please submit all ethnicities. A beautiful, intelligent, self-assured, free-spirited NYU sociology student and Fellini fan who lives in her own apartment, she's delightfully unselfconscious; the type of girl who will get up and dance in the middle of the street if there are some good bongo drums accompanying her. Mike is instantly infatuated and she takes an interest in him as well, though she's quick to point out they won't be exclusive. She represents everything Mike believes is out of his league.

[GINA ABRUZZI] 18-19 years old, Mike's sexy, overly made-up, longtime Italian girlfriend of four years. When she's in a swimsuit she looks like a movie star. She's sick of waiting for Mike to propose, and doesn't understand why he won't give her what she deserves: a husband and a couple of kids like all her friends have.

New York, NY -  Title: THE NARROWS, Feature Film. EXEC PROD, Michael Nozik; PROD, Leslie Urdang, Ami Armstrong; DIR, Francois Velle; SCR, Tatiana Blackington. Contract: SAG Modified Low Budget Contract. Shoot Dates: April, 2007 (Role works approximately May 15-20, 2007 in New York). STORY: The film is about 21 years old Mike Manadoro struggling to find his place within two worlds; the life he wants, as an aspiring photographer and promising NYU student, and the life his father seems to want for him: making fast money running dangerous, mysterious errands for the neighborhood mobster. Breakdown-- Tony: 45-55, Italian. He is the ultimate neighborhood wise guy. He is a tough, in control, powerful Italian man with menacing eyes and a polite, controlled demeanor. Intimidating but very elegant and dapper. Unlike his brother Big Lou, Tony is more big-time and his deals pay off. Not a guy you f__k with. SUBMIT NAMES ONLY. Lead. MUST BE NY LOCAL HIRE (NO EXCEPTIONS AS IT IS NOT IN THE BUDGET). (Posted: April 24, 2007)


On Sophia Bush - from the National Ledger

SMALL TO BIG SCREEN AND BACK: With "One Tree Hill" a wrap for the season -- and possibly forever -- beautiful Sophia Bush aims to stretch her wings a bit. "I'm always looking to do something that's different. I don't want to do a movie where I'm playing the girl from the show. My goal for this hiatus is a small role with some great actors on a film that would allow me a little bit of personal time as well."

She tells us she's "in the midst of getting a project."

We've learned that project is the big screen "The Narrows," which is soon to go into production with Vincent D'Onofrio, Eddie Cahill and Roger Rees. It has Cahill as a New York University student and promising photographer -- whose father, D'Onofrio, wants him in the family business. Family as in mafia.

Bush's last film also provided her a changeup -- last year's remake of the horror flick "The Hitcher," which comes out on DVD Tuesday (5/1). "I definitely enjoy the suspense of this kind of film, although I always feel kind of traumatized after seeing one," she admits. "It was an amazing experience to make it, and everyone became quite close on the film. I actually just attended the producer's son's bar mitzvah."

As for that personal time she wants, "It's been a while" since she's had any, acknowledges Bush, whose short-lived marriage to costar Chad Michael Murray ended in 2005. Now she's looking forward to "hanging out with my parents and friends and going for walks with my dogs."