(New York, NY) - Title: LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, TV Series - 1 Hour for NBC. Episode Title: ROCKETMAN. EXEC PROD, Dick Wolf, Warren Leight, Norberto Barba, Peter Jankowski; DIR, Mike Smith. Shoot Dates: March 6-15, 2007 (in New York). Breakdown-- Edie Nelson: Late 30s-Early 40s. Housewife married to successful astronaut Luke Nelson. Still playing the beauty card, she and her husband were "the king and queen of the prom" in high school. When a violent crime is perpetrated against an astronaut trained by her husband, Edie stands by her man. However, questionable circumstances surrounding the crime bring to light the extremity of her devotion. Guest Lead; Luke Nelson: Early 40s. Well built, handsome, cocky. Was "king of the prom" and is now a NASA pilot at the top of his game. Married to high school sweetheart Edie, but his ideal marriage may not be as picture-perfect as it appears. When a violent crime is committed against a fellow NASA employee, he is questioned by Goren & Eames about his personal relationship with the victim. Guest Lead; Tina Lopez: Late 30s-Early 40s. NASA astronaut and flight trainer. A bit of a tomboy. Has a close friendship with both fellow-astronaut Luke Nelson and his wife Edie. Recently grounded from space flights due to heartbeart irregularities during her last mission. When tragedy befalls a fellow-astronaut, she is questioned about her relationships with colleagues and recent erratic behavior. Guest Lead; Jessica: Late 20s-Early 30s. Pretty. A lieutenant astronaut for NASA who is about to become the youngest woman ever to go on a space mission. When a publicity trip to New York City takes a tragic turn, the investigation into the crime reveals that her relationship with her fellow NASA employees may have crossed from the professional into the personal; Barbara Tubman: 40s. Efficient, type-A personality. Publicist for NASA. Leads Luke and Jessica through their publicity trip in New York City. Questioned by Goren & Eames about the circumstances surrounding a violent crime committed during the trip. Supporting; Mark Schaeffer: Late 40s-50s. Consummate professional. The Deputy Director of Public Affairs for NASA. Though uptight about divulging information about NASA employees, he works with detectives when an astronaut is involved in a violent crime. Supporting; Craig Healy: 40s. Handsome NASA astronaut. Files a professional complaint regarding Jessica's qualifications for the upcoming space mission. He feels that she was chosen for the mission because of her youth and good looks over others with far more experience. Though he cites reverse discrimination, his attitude puts him in the forefront of the investigation into a violent crime against a fellow NASA employee. Supporting; Matthew Shaw: Early 30s. Airline pilot. Jessica's former fiancé. Though their relationship ended as a result of Jessica's commitment to NASA, they still maintain contact. Is questioned by Goren & Eames when it is discovered he made an effort to see Jessica while she was in New York; Lawyer: 30s-Early 40s. Craig Healy's lawyer. Interrupts Goren & Eames while they are questioning Craig.