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Executive Producers: Dick Wolf, Warren Leight, Norberto Barba, PeterJankowski
Director: Kevin Bray Story
by: Warren Leight & Mary Grace O’Shea
Teleplay by: Mary Grace O’Shea
Casting Director: Kimberly Hope
Casting Associate: Anne Davison

[ELEANOR REYNOLDS] 60s. Elegant and striking. Mother-in-law from hell.
Disapproves of her son’s marriage to provincial Marla from the beginning.
Attempts to micro-manage Marla to ensure a successful future for her 2-year-old
grandson Henry. Wants her grandson to succeed at all costs. (GUEST LEAD)
[MARLA REYNOLDS] Mid 20s – Early 30s. Pretty. Former Miss Bluegrass. Sweet
Kentucky girl trying to fit in as a Park Avenue power wife. Her architect husband
Brian is often traveling, leaving Marla alone with her 2-year-old son Henry and
controlling and judgmental mother-in-law Eleanor. She devotes herself to getting
the best for her son and winning the approval of Brian and Eleanor. (GUEST LEAD)
[SKIP YATES] 30s. Wall Street type. Fit. Financial Analyst and devoted father to 2-
year-old son Leo. His wife Kelly travels a lot for work, so he is the primary
caregiver. Personal and professional secrets threaten to destroy his outwardly
perfect life. (Several scenes in teaser)
[KELLY YATES] 30s. Quintessential Park Avenue. Travels a lot for business leaving
her 2 year old son Leo in the care of nanny Teya and her husband Skip.
Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about her familial relationships after tragedy
strikes. (SUPPORTING)
[JANINE] 40s-50s. Old school. Admissions Director of an exclusive Park Avenue
Day School. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES with School Director Candeace
about her relationship with students’ parents and school policies. (SUPPORTING)
[CANDACE] 40s. Hip, chic School Director of an exclusive Park Avenue Day
School. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES with Admissions Director Janine about
several students’ parents and school policies. (1 scene)

[TEYA] 20s. Slavic. Slight accent. Nanny of 2 year old Leo for Skip and Kelly
Yates. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about the family routines after tragedy
hits the Yates household. (2 scenes)
[JOHN ECKHARDT] 40s. Confronts Skip Yates in an agitated state and objects to
one of his recent financial analysis ratings. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES
about his current financial situation and his opinion of Skip Yates. (2 scenes)
[MAX WRIGHT] Late 40s – Early 50s. Paloma Rizzo’s boss at Qual-X Corporation.
Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about Paloma’s work habits and her
professional connection to Skip Yates. (1 scene)
[TIM MYLER] 20s – 30s. Strong, built. Quick temper. Serious anger management
issues. Wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his wife Denise Myler. Questioned
by GOREN and EAMES about his alibi once they discover evidence that could
exonerate him. (1 scene)
[MINISTER BILLY LESTER] Early – Mid 30s. Sincere minister at a Park Avenue
WASP church. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about his relationship with
murder victim and former church volunteer Denise Lester. (1 scene)
[MARION] 40s-50s. Jamaican. Slight Caribbean accent. Nanny of 2 year old Lily
for Paloma Rizzo. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about Paloma’s relationship
with her daughter after tragedy strikes the household. (1 scene)
[REMSEN] 30s. Male. Young hotshot financial analyst. Skip Yates’s boss. Gives
Skip a hard time about his parental devotion. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES
about Skip’s behavior at work. (2 scenes)
[BRIAN REYNOLDS] 30s. Successful architect. Travels frequently leaving his 2
year old son Henry in the care of his wife Marla and domineering mother Eleanor.
Loves his wife and son, but ultimately strives to please his mother. (2 scenes)
[KEVYN] 40s. Buff. Handsome. Wall Street type. Questioned by GOREN and
EAMES about a surprising meeting he arranged with Skip Yates. (2 scenes and 1
non-speaking scene)
[DET. PEARY] 30s – 40s. Male or Female. Detective who walks GOREN and EAMES
through the crime scene. Any ethnicity. (1 scene)
[WHITEHALL] 50s – 60s. Male. High end attorney. Represents Eleanor Reynolds
while she is questioned by GOREN and EAMES. (1 scene)
[PALOMA RIZZO] 30s. High-maintenance money honey. Mother of 2 year old Lily.
GOREN and EAMES discover her professional relationship with Skip Yates while
investigating a violent crime. (1 line and 1 non-speaking scene)
[MILES] 30s. Master of the universe type. Financial analyst. Co-worker of Skip
Yates. (1 line)