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Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Season 7
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134. Amends 10.4.07 (G/E episode)
In the seventh-season opener, Eames must reinvestigate her husband's murder after his former partner is killed. The team investigates a shooting. Pete Copa, a cop, was working on an undercover stakeout involving gangs when violence erupted leading to said shooting. Copa's version of the events is put in doubt.
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Episode Stills - courtesy of Jefferaldo
135. Seeds 10.11.07
A fertility doctor is murdered, and his body is staged to appear as if the crime was a political statement. Logan and Falacci follow clues that show the case has a more personal motive, and family of the victim may be involved.
136. Smile 10.18.07 (G/E episode)
A dentist's murder leads detectives on the trail of counterfeit and poisoned mouthwash that involves the FDA and Wall Street.
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137. Lonelyville 10.25.07
A woman is found strangled in Japanese bondage ropes, and the only clue to her identity is a pair of emerald earrings she was wearing.
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138. Depths 11.1.07(G/E episode)
The case of a dead diver causes tension to surface between the department and the FBI over possible terrorist connections. Goren and Eames' probe, however, leads them to the treacherous world of deep-sea treasure hunters.
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139. Courtship 11.8.07
A corrupt judge's wife is shot, and suspects include a private investigator who doesn't exactly follow the law and a couple in the middle of a bitter divorce. Steve Guttenberg guest stars.
140. Self-Made 11.15.07 (G/E episode)
A writer is found tortured and murdered, and clues lead Goren and Eames to suspects in her lavish literary circle and the gritty urban society she called her roots.
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Reporter/Anchorperson search (New Role)
Filming on Location Photos 10.9.07 - by Kona Gallagher
141. Offense 11.29.07
A witness in a well-publicized rape trial is found dead. Evidence points to the college football-team members being prosecuted for the rape, but further investigation reveals a connection to an attorney with an agenda.

142. Untethered (G/E episode) 12.6.07
Goren investigates when a bipolar prisoner claims that inmates are being abused.
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143. Senseless 12.13.07
The investigation into an execution-style shooting of four college freshmen takes an emotional toll on Logan and Falacci.
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144. Purgatory (G/E episode) 6.8.08
While Goren awaits a decision on his reinstatement, he tries to prove his worth by going undercover to pursue a big-time drug dealer.
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Filming on Location 4.10.08
145. Contract 6.15.08(L/W episode)
A gossip columnist's murder case has a large list of suspects. Jeff Garlin, Illeana Douglas, Mo Rocca and Federico Castelluccio guest star.
Casting Breakdown
146. Betrayed 6.22.08 (G/E episode)
A jilted wife becomes a suspect in the disappearance of her husband and his younger lover. Brenda Strong and Eric Roberts guest star.
Casting Breakdown
147. Assassin 6.29.08 (L/W episode)
An apparent assassination attempt on a politician from Kashmir is followed by separate shootings of members of her entourage, including her brother. The subsequent probe leads detectives to believe she was behind the attacks.
Casting Breakdown- Thank you to Peachybc, Majorcase-ci
148. Please Note We Are No Longer Accepting Letters of Recommendation From Henry Kissinger 7.6.08 (G/E episode)
An exclusive preschool with a long waiting list is at the center of an investigation into the murders of three parents.
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149. Reunion 7.13.08 (L/W episode)
A former groupie who has her own television show is murdered, and the suspects include her assistant, her son, and a well-known musician and his wife. Joan Jett guest stars.
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150. Vanishing Act 7.20.08(G/E episode)
Goren and Eames enter into the sleight-of-hand world of prestidigitation when a celebrity illusionist vanishes during his own magic stunt. Shaun Robinson and Paul Shaffer appear as themselves
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151. Ten Count 7.27.08(L/W episode)
The investigation into a shooting at a nightclub involving an acquaintance of Logan's involves the shadowy world of amateur boxing.
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152. Legacy 8.3.08 (G/E episode) -
A student's death leads the detectives to uncover a private school's online culture, obsession with grades and secretive nature.
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153. Neighborhood Watch 8.10.08(L/W episode) -
The case of a mutilated body found in a creek produces a whole neighborhood of suspects when the investigation reveals the man was not welcome in the community.
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154. Last Rites 8.17.08 (L/W episode)
Logan questions the system after reopening a 16-year-old homicide case at the request of a priest (Denis O'Hare). This is Chris Noth's final episode.
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155. Frame 8.24.08 (G/E episode) -
Season 7 ends as Goren finds a picture at his mother's grave, leading him to suspect his nemesis Nicole Wallace has returned. Tony Goldwyn guests
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