Posted 8.31.07

Executive Producers: Dick Wolf, Warren
Leight, Norberto Barba, Peter Jankowski
NY Episodic Director: Michael Smith  
Story: Warren Leight & Charlie Rubin
Teleplay: Charlie Rubin
Casting Director: Kimberly Hope
Casting Associate: Anne Davison
Shoot Dates: September 12 - 21, 2007
Location: New York  

[LESLIE WALTZ] Early 30s. Latina or Caucasian. FDA Associate Director. Pretty with an appealing personality. Ambitious career woman who may or may not be a whistle-blower. Assists Goren and Eames with their investigation. (GUEST LEAD)  

[MARTIN FARIS] 40s. Overgrown frat boy. Director of the FDA. Pursuing an
investigation about a product apparently linked to a crime that GOREN and EAMES are investigating. Leaves no doubt that he is the boss, it is difficult for employee Leslie Waltz to contradict him. Some of his close professional relationships may turn out to be conflicts-of-interest. (GUEST LEAD)  

[BING SCHORR] Mid 40s. Smooth. CEO of Curry-Schorr, parent company of a variety of consumer products. Seems more than willing to do anything it takes to aid GOREN and EAMES in their investigation, but may ultimately have his own monetary interests at heart. (GUEST LEAD)  

[JIM KETTLE] 40s. Bookish. FDA Inspector who takes his job very seriously. Has a tendency to get a bit over-excited, but is always motivated to do the right thing. His
dedication to playing by the rules has ruffled more than a few feathers throughout his
career. (SUPPORTING)  

[STACEY] Mid 20s. Attractive. Assistant to FDA Director Martin Faris. Loyal to and protective of her boss. (3 scenes)  

[MIMI] 40s. Latina woman. Receptionist at a dental clinic in Harlem. Has a good
relationship with the patients and with Dr. Goldman, a successful dentist who funds and volunteers at the clinic. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES after unexpected tragedy hits the clinic. (3 scenes)  

[ROY] 25 years old and up. African-American man. Amiable man who makes a buck
selling Metrocard swipes and loose cigarettes. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about whom he saw enter and exit the dental clinic on a night when a violent crime occurred. (2 scenes)  

[CHO] Late 30s. Korean-American man. Owns and manages a discount store in Harlem. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES when products from his store are linked to a criminal investigation. (2 scenes)  

[DR. NORM GOLDMAN] Late 30s. Successful dentist with a Park Avenue practice who regularly volunteers at the Harlem dental clinic that he funded. His after-hours activities result in unexpected violence and tragedy. (Several scenes in teaser)  

[JACQUELINE BOSTON] Mid 30s. Mentally unstable African-American woman.
Mother of 7 year old Lissa. Very distraught by the sudden death of her young son.
GOREN and EAMES attempt to calm her down as she rages at those responsible for her son’s death. (2 scenes)  

[LISSA] 7 years old. African-American girl. Coping with the sudden loss of her brother and the resulting effect on her mother Jacqueline. (2 scenes)  

[DESEAN] 9 years old. African-American boy. Bedridden in the hospital, he is taken ill with a mysterious flu-like illness that turns more serious by the day. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about any activities that may have led to the illness. (1 scene)  

[NINA GOLDMAN] Late 20s. Very pretty. WASPY. Wife of successful dentist Norm Goldman. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about her husband and his work after a violent crime hits his practice. (1 scene)  

[ELENA] 30s. Ex-wife of Jim Kettle. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about her relationship with her husband and his professional life. (1 scene)  

[RICKY] Late 20s – Early 30s. African-American man. Sneaker salesman. Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about a recent large sale he made. (1 scene)  

[HUDSUT MATT] 15 years old. African-American. Questioned by GOREN and
EAMES as a suspect in a neighborhood robbery. Accompanied by his no-nonsense
mother, he has no choice but the tell the truth to the detectives. (2 scenes)  

[EVIE] Mid 30s. African-American. No-nonsense school teacher. When her son is
questioned by GOREN and EAMES in connection with a neighborhood robbery, she
makes sure he tells the truth. (1 scene)  

[KELLY] Mid 20s. Pretty. Great smile. Grateful to her dentist after a teeth-whitening
appointment in a posh dentist’s office on Park Avenue. (1 small scene)  

[ANNE TALLY] 50s. WASP. Jokes with her dentist after an appointment at his posh Park Avenue office. (1 small scene)  

[LAMONT] 7 years old. African American boy becomes a dental patient at Dr.
Goldman's clinic after getting hit in the face with a baseball during a T-ball game. (Non-speaking role to be paid scale + 10%) tr